Martin Geiger - the music producer behind MG-MusicBiography

I was born in 1981 and I grew up in the southern of Germany. When I was 17 I got in touch with music productions for the very first time. At this time I didn't knew much about digital music, synthesizers, mastering and all other techniques.

The program I had at this time was a sampler which only repeats sample files of sounds in different speed. I was able to modify them but I was not familiar with generating sounds and melodies on my own. So I had to learn about synthesizers, plugins, and especially harmony of music. After years of intense research and learning I got used to FL Studio XXL and programs like Apple's Logic. My first semi-professional album "Synthetic ambiance" was released in 2007 for "analog" distribution on CD only. My first official released album on iTunes was "Earth, sun and beyond" in 2010.  At this time I also released "Synthetic ambiance" for digital distribution worldwide in shops like iTunes, Dooload, 7digital, Musicload, Napster, AmazonMp3, eMusic, Jamba and many other digital stores.

Years later I decided to create a new style of sound. I wanted to create an album which sounds like rock combined with Chillout and ambient music. As a result "State of the art" was released in 2011. Especially the track "PSM", "Pianist" and "Solo" are my favorite songs on this album. In 2013 I released my new album "Roots" which represents my way back to my roots. When I started to compose music in 1998 my style was a kind of trip hop, ambient or chill out. "Roots" is completely trip hop / ambient style so you can turn up the radio and start listen to the tracks.